Oh Yes it’s Ladies’ Night ~ Oh What A Night!

Oh Yes It’s Ladies Night! Oh What A Night!!

…and yes I’m singin’ the Kool & the Gang song while I type this!!

Mardi Gras Party-8

I had the opportunity to photograph a local women’s business networking event sponsored by Kenley Konnection last week… and I was excited for the event as soon as I heard about it. Get this. An overnight pajama party – at Embassy Suites  – with a Mardi Gras theme – to include catered buffet meal, cocktail hour, live vocals, Fashion Show, Zumba class, keynote speakers, and dancing!! Now that’s what I call a party!

Mardi Gras Party-231

I was so impressed with the women at this event. They were authentic, incredibly welcoming and warm, hilarious, and they loved to have fun… one glance at some of these shots and you’ll see those traits shine through!

Mardi Gras Party-149 Mardi Gras Party-135

Also, the event was so well structured that it flowed seamlessly throughout the evening and into the night. Key team leaders ensured that all entertainment and segments were pulled off without a hitch.

Mardi Gras Party-102 Mardi Gras Party-39

And, of course, what would an awesome party be without shopping and dancing?!!

Mardi Gras Party-165 Mardi Gras Party-237

I have to say that I have not had this much fun, even though I was behind the camera, in quite a while!

Mardi Gras Party-126 Mardi Gras Party-128

I got so much pleasure from seeing the women make new friends while holding hands with the old ones!

Mardi Gras Party-64

What an uplifting, fun, and inspirational night this was~even from behind the camera!

Mardi Gras Party-71

Thank you so much Kenley Konnection for giving me this opportunity, for giving me a glimpse into how great a women’s networking event can be, and for one incredible night of fun and laughter! You can check out the full gallery at: Christi~j Photography Online Gallery

Mardi Gras Party-105

Keep on Shining Ladies!!




  1. Your photos are great! They beautifully capture what a variety of fun activities and wonderful ladies are at this event. The costumes, food, vendors, dancing- your photos capture the energy!


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