Love in the Age Of Autism

Thank you so much for this article! It is so true that children on the spectrum show love in so many ways! My son is very similar (and I let out a loud chuckle with the “backwards hugs” mention!)… I know without a doubt that I was handpicked to be his Momma! I have been very patient, encouraging, accepting, and loving with him, and he has greatly advanced through the years (he is now 12)… but let me tell you – for as much as I have loved him and taught him, he has loved me and taught me 1,000 times more!! ❤

Rocky Parenting

image I recently revisited a Temple Grandin TED talk, The world needs all kinds of minds , from February 2010. I have watched this before and my son and I even saw her speak on this topic at the local University. But, each time I watch it I get something new out of it. What really stuck out to me on this viewing was a question asked of her at the end. Speaking for parents, the moderator asked, “Is it unrealistic for them to hope or think that that child loves them, as some might, as most, wish?” The question crossed me as strange and I think, based on her expression it may have crossed Temple Grandin as strange too. She answered saying, “Well let me tell you, that child will be loyal, and if your house is burning down, they’re going to get you out of it.”

I have never…

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