For the Love of Handwritten Notes & Cards…

I love giving (and receiving!) handwritten cards … It just shows the time taken to include our personal touch, and gives the recipient a tangible piece of our thoughts & appreciation. We all know how rare the use of snail mail and paper is in these modern times… which makes the notion of the handwritten Thank You Note an even greater extension of showing our love and appreciation.

I keep cards that I receive.  In a box.  Named: “Love Letters

I keep the card out on my desk or on my mantel before placing them in the box.

Girlfriend card-1

Sure, Momma always taught us to send Thank You Notes after receiving a gift… but how about when a client makes an extra purchase..?  Or when a coworker shares the credit with you on a project..?  Or when your boyfriend’s sister welcomes you with warmth and love when she meets you..?

Tickled Pink-7

Those three situations happened to me within just the last month, and writing out the notes made me feel connected to each person.  Taking my time, and handwriting with a nice fine tip pen, makes me feel like I’m giving a piece of myself to someone else… makes me feel like I’m opening up… and makes me smile the entire time I’m writing and sealing the envelope.

Plus – stationery is just so darn pretty!

Tickled Pink-1

Check out some witty Thank You Note ideas from  Jimmy Fallon  (LOL!!)…

Some other ideas to keep us thankful everyday and wanting to share it with others:  365 Thank Yous Project…

Check out some Thank You Note etiquette…

Check out some everyday gratitude…


Many THANKS to those of you that make my day each and every day!!

~christi j.


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