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For the Love of Handwritten Notes & Cards…

I love giving (and receiving!) handwritten cards … It just shows the time taken to include our personal touch, and gives the recipient a tangible piece of our thoughts & appreciation. We all know how rare the use of snail mail and paper is in these modern times… which makes the notion of the handwritten Thank You Note an even greater extension of showing our love and appreciation.

I keep cards that I receive.  In a box.  Named: “Love Letters

I keep the card out on my desk or on my mantel before placing them in the box.

Girlfriend card-1

Sure, Momma always taught us to send Thank You Notes after receiving a gift… but how about when a client makes an extra purchase..?  Or when a coworker shares the credit with you on a project..?  Or when your boyfriend’s sister welcomes you with warmth and love when she meets you..?

Tickled Pink-7

Those three situations happened to me within just the last month, and writing out the notes made me feel connected to each person.  Taking my time, and handwriting with a nice fine tip pen, makes me feel like I’m giving a piece of myself to someone else… makes me feel like I’m opening up… and makes me smile the entire time I’m writing and sealing the envelope.

Plus – stationery is just so darn pretty!

Tickled Pink-1

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Many THANKS to those of you that make my day each and every day!!

~christi j.


Love in the Age Of Autism

Thank you so much for this article! It is so true that children on the spectrum show love in so many ways! My son is very similar (and I let out a loud chuckle with the “backwards hugs” mention!)… I know without a doubt that I was handpicked to be his Momma! I have been very patient, encouraging, accepting, and loving with him, and he has greatly advanced through the years (he is now 12)… but let me tell you – for as much as I have loved him and taught him, he has loved me and taught me 1,000 times more!! ❤

Rocky Parenting

image I recently revisited a Temple Grandin TED talk, The world needs all kinds of minds , from February 2010. I have watched this before and my son and I even saw her speak on this topic at the local University. But, each time I watch it I get something new out of it. What really stuck out to me on this viewing was a question asked of her at the end. Speaking for parents, the moderator asked, “Is it unrealistic for them to hope or think that that child loves them, as some might, as most, wish?” The question crossed me as strange and I think, based on her expression it may have crossed Temple Grandin as strange too. She answered saying, “Well let me tell you, that child will be loyal, and if your house is burning down, they’re going to get you out of it.”

I have never…

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For the Love of Spring! (…cleaning)

It’s that time of year again… the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, the windows can be opened (for a short time LOL)


I’ve been cleaning out the closets, the basement, etc. and have found quite a few things no longer needed from clothes to computer monitors to an old VCR.  Luckily there are quite a few options of places to donate or sell these items – QUICKLY!

One of my all-time-favorite stores – Whole Foods Market in Dublin – is hosting a huge Recycling Event today… accepting everything from clothing to furniture to electronics, and also offering a free shredding service from noon-4pm.  I love their involvement with the community through events they host!

Schwarz Wkshp Jan2014 - 2

Another recent find as of last week is a website called Thred Up!  I stumbled across their fashion blog called Style UP while searching through my community on WordPress.  They will send you an empty bag for you to fill with any new or lightly worn designer label clothing/handbags/shoes and ship for free back to them!  Does it get any easier (and quick) than that?!  Oh.  And they PAY.!!

They also have a great selection (in tons of sizes) of designer label clothing and can’t believe prices!  The site also has an awesome search feature to search by any criteria you can imagine — including only new clothing with tags!  😉

Mardi Gras Party-220

Another very convenient (and quick!) option is to schedule a curbside pickup from Vietnam Veterans of America… just click the link, schedule the pickup, put the items in plastic bags, and set out at your curb.  Easy Peasy!!

FC Tulips

I can breathe the fresh Spring air easier already… ahhhhh…..

Happy Spring Everyone!

~christi j

Oh Yes it’s Ladies’ Night ~ Oh What A Night!

Oh Yes It’s Ladies Night! Oh What A Night!!

…and yes I’m singin’ the Kool & the Gang song while I type this!!

Mardi Gras Party-8

I had the opportunity to photograph a local women’s business networking event sponsored by Kenley Konnection last week… and I was excited for the event as soon as I heard about it. Get this. An overnight pajama party – at Embassy Suites  – with a Mardi Gras theme – to include catered buffet meal, cocktail hour, live vocals, Fashion Show, Zumba class, keynote speakers, and dancing!! Now that’s what I call a party!

Mardi Gras Party-231

I was so impressed with the women at this event. They were authentic, incredibly welcoming and warm, hilarious, and they loved to have fun… one glance at some of these shots and you’ll see those traits shine through!

Mardi Gras Party-149 Mardi Gras Party-135

Also, the event was so well structured that it flowed seamlessly throughout the evening and into the night. Key team leaders ensured that all entertainment and segments were pulled off without a hitch.

Mardi Gras Party-102 Mardi Gras Party-39

And, of course, what would an awesome party be without shopping and dancing?!!

Mardi Gras Party-165 Mardi Gras Party-237

I have to say that I have not had this much fun, even though I was behind the camera, in quite a while!

Mardi Gras Party-126 Mardi Gras Party-128

I got so much pleasure from seeing the women make new friends while holding hands with the old ones!

Mardi Gras Party-64

What an uplifting, fun, and inspirational night this was~even from behind the camera!

Mardi Gras Party-71

Thank you so much Kenley Konnection for giving me this opportunity, for giving me a glimpse into how great a women’s networking event can be, and for one incredible night of fun and laughter! You can check out the full gallery at: Christi~j Photography Online Gallery

Mardi Gras Party-105

Keep on Shining Ladies!!


Never know what you’ll find in the woods…

Sean Parker Left of Tree

Hmmm… I wonder what your guesses are… because my mind could certainly go a long ways in imagining situations to find in the woods! Maybe that’s one of the reasons I love the woods so much! Hahaha!

Well, what it was that I found one day (when I was out practicing with my new 17-40mm f/4.0 lens lens) was an artist practicing his craft as well. I got my own personal acoustic concert!

Sean Parker Color 3

Sean was amazing, and had some great original song lyrics – I truly felt very privileged. I was bummed that I didn’t have my 50mm with me (better for portrait shots), but I got some decent shots anyway…

Surprise in the Woods

Here’s to Happy Exploring in the Woods!


Photographers That You Should Know About – Henri Cartier Bresson

I love street photography… it is so real. The biggest draw to photography for me is the capturing of an emotion in a moment, and so much of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photos did just that. The article written by PhotoFocus’s Scott Bourne was an inspiration for me to run to my local library and scoop up some of the collections by this artist (who emphatically stated that art was not his intent).

Photographers That You Should Know About – Henri Cartier Bresson.

Another (present day) street photographer that made me fall hard and fast is Brandon Stanton. He published his collection, “Humans of New York”, last year which has been on top of my coffee table ever since. He started with a blog and the idea just caught on. Check out his blog at:

Get Inspired in whatever it is that you Love!